PHMI Innovaccer Webinar Series

The PHMI Program and Technology Team would like to thank everyone who participated in the PHMI Innovaccer Webinar Series! As the PHMI Program and Proof-of-Concept (POC) advances, the design and build of the PHMI Platform instance of Innovaccer is better informed but remains in development. The PHMI Program version of Innovaccer will be demoed upon its completion after the POC. At that time, a more detailed explanation of how Innovaccer can advance the goals of the PHMI Program will be provided.​ In the interim, a demo on the full functionalities of Innovaccer was provided to all PHMI Program participants on May 23, 2024.

The purpose of this demo was to allow PHMI Program participants that are considering Innovaccer as their overall population health management/data analytics platform to see Innovaccer’s full capabilities and potential. Health centers that adopt Innovaccer will need to understand how it can support and enhance their clinical and support staff’s day-to-day operations and workflow once the PHMI Program ends. Furthermore, we would like to enhance your adoption experience by starting a dialogue with health centers to co-design the PHMI Program version of Innovaccer: we are open to consider common demands of functionalities to support health centers around areas such as UDS, supplemental data submission to health plans, and other potential requirements related to CalAIM.

The PHMI Program and Technology Team looks forward to working with health centers to help resolve historical pain points by merging data from multiple sources to help make data work for you and be more actionable. We will continue to provide more webinars and look forward to your partnership.

The recordings for the webinar series are now available on-demand here:

Why Innovaccer for PHMI?     

Tuesday, May 16, 2023   

Access recording here

Innovaccer Demonstration     

Tuesday, May 23, 2023 

Access recording here

Webinar Series Background: 
During the co-design phase of the Population Health Management Initiative (PHMI), the need to improve data sharing between Community Health Centers (CHCs) and other entities, have robust CHC focused data analytics, and the ability to aggregate and harmonize data from external sources (e.g., Managed Care Plans, Independent Physician Associations, Health Information Exchanges, Electronic Health Records, etc.) was identified as high priority areas by CHCs to enable whole patient care and actionable analytics to close gaps in care. This led to the exploration of a robust technology platform that could meet the collective needs of CHCs and scale over time as one solution to produce actionable data and insights to advance population health practice.  


Following co-design, an expansive scan of technology solutions that may meet CHC needs/priorities was undertaken, and then a shortlist of promising broad-capability PHM vendors was identified. Through an intensive evaluation and scoring process, a team composed of CHCs, Regional Associations of California, California Primary Care Association, and KP PHM subject matter experts identified Innovaccer as the vendor of choice for the PHM Initiative platform.    


Currently, a Proof-of-Concept (POC) is being conducted with four CHCs, one Regional Association of California, and Innovaccer to validate preliminary assumptions regarding the vendor’s ability to meet CHC needs and identify implications for the broader PHMI technology implementation. It is important to note that CHCs are not required to adopt Innovaccer as a PHMI platform. If they choose to do so, the PHMI will be offering a grant to support implementation activities.    


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