Proof-of-Concept for the PHMI Platform Now Complete

The Proof-of-Concept (POC) is now complete! For the past several months, the POC has been underway to validate preliminary assumptions regarding the PHMI Platform candidate (powered by Innovaccer) and its ability to meet PHMI and CHC needs, as well as assess the vendor’s (Innovaccer) ability to support those needs. The PHMI Technology Team is excited to share the following POC updates:

  • Acquiring data from multiple sources: The PHMI Platform has successfully acquired data from multiple sources, including claims and eligibility data from payer and Admit, Discharge, and Transfer (ADT) data from Health Information Exchange (HIE). The PHMI Platform combined data with clinical data from the CHC EHR to create a holistic view of the patient. The PHMI Platform will continue efforts to acquire data from additional third parties and has gained some valuable lessons learned regarding data acquisition that it can apply to implementation after the POC.
  • Building functionality to advance population health management: Using the acquired data, the PHMI Platform showcased some initial functionality in a series of dashboards, reports, point-of-care solutions, and other tools. For example, the POC includes protocols to identify and help close care gaps, reports to support empanelment, and capabilities to facilitate reporting.
  • Testing the platform: The PHMI Platform, CHCs, and third parties that have provided data are nearly finished with a process called user acceptance testing (UAT). User testing is an exciting phase of the work because it allows future potential users to explore the PHMI Platform and see how it can help with the CHCs’ workflows and pain points.
  • Designing a maternity care journey: The PHMI Platform have consulted with OBGYN clinical and operational subject matter experts from CHCs and are finalizing the design of a maternity care journey that will be part of the post-POC PHMI Platform implementation. The maternity care journey is an example of how the PHMI Platform can help improve care for one of the PHMI’s populations of focus.

Now that the POC is complete (as of October 20, 2023), the PHMI Technology Team will conduct an evaluation of the PHMI Platform, which will include a decision on whether the PHMI Program moves forward with the PHMI Platform after the POC.

The evaluation will also inform a POC report out, planned for November 16, 2023, on the findings of the POC as well as key takeaways and lessons learned from the POC experience.

In parallel, planning discussions are underway for implementation of the PHMI Platform after the POC, starting with “Release 1,” which is the name for the first group of CHCs that will implement the PHMI Platform if the POC findings are favorable. It is important to note that CHCs are not required to adopt the PHMI Platform. If they choose to do so, the PHMI Program will be offering a grant to support implementation activities. Additional details about the tech grant application are forthcoming.