Webinar: Enhancing the Community Health Worker Workforce with CHCs

The Community Health Worker (CHW) workforce is accelerating as changes are creating new opportunities for community health centers (CHCs). This webinar reviewed the CHC approach on how to employ CHWs and operationalize CHW services at CHCs' sites and discussed the policies in place and take-home strategies to help the workforce grow sustainably.

DATE:  November 2, 2023
TIME:  2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. (Pacific)



  • Webinar Recording: Enhancing the Community Health Worker Workforce (hosted by CPCA via Zoom)
    • Passcode: 1@aKMJTt


    • Introductions (2:00)
    • Background of the CHW/Ps (3:40)
    • Policies and Barriers (13:30)
    • Training CHW/Ps in CHCs (21:33)
    • Operationalizing CHW/Ps in CHCs (33:30)
    • Care Neighborhood (51:35)

Learning objectives

  1. Identify the opportunities and practices that CHCs share when supporting CHWs in the field such as including them in an interdisciplinary team and creating interventions that address patient needs.
  2. Understand the policy limitations and opportunities for developing the CHW workforce.
  3. Increase awareness on how CHCs operationalize and create a trusting environment for CHWs.


    • Araceli Valencia, Program Coordinator of Health Professions, California Primary Care Association
    • Allie Budenz, Director of Population Health Management, California Primary Care Association
    • Joe H Lee, MSHA, Lead Partner Engagement Communications, Kaiser Permanente
    • Catherine Knox, Principal, Health Management Associate