Innovaccer Selected as Vendor for PHMI Platform

The Population Health Management Initiative (PHMI) is currently developing a technology solution – the PHMI Platform – that enables Community Health Centers (CHCs) to strengthen their ability to provide equitable health care services, as well as drive improvements to produce equitable health outcomes. All CHCs participating in the initiative have the option to adopt the PHMI Platform. The technology support provided to CHCs will enhance their ability to effectively participate in California Advancing and Innovating Medi-Cal (CalAIM) and Alternative Payment Methodology 2.0 (APM 2.0) programs by:

  • Building a foundational data layer to power all subsequent population health management and care management workflows.
  • Integrating multiple data sources (e.g., claims, clinical, ADT) to create a longitudinal patient record that provides a 360-degree view of patient data.
  • Augmenting and automating care management, physician engagement, patient outreach and reporting workflows.
  • Improving provider and care team workflows by creating efficiency with an EHR-agnostic point of care physician engagement solution that surfaces the most relevant patient information to enable informed decision-making and coding gap closures.

The PHMI Platform will be utilizing Innovaccer's out of the box modules to customize and build a platform to suit the needs for the initiative and CHCs. To learn about the PHMI Platform’s in-scope functions and capabilities, view the Innovaccer Demonstration webinar here.

Implementation in 2024

A group of seven CHCs are preparing to implement “Release 1” of the PHMI Platform by the end of 2024. These early adopters will influence what features are included in the PHMI Platform and serve as a guide to inform the Platform build and ensure it meets CHC needs.

Release 1 CHCs, including Via Care Community Health Center, are excited about the current implementation work underway. “The PHMI Platform’s capabilities align with value-based care and its focus on quality of care, provider performance, and the patient experience,” said Neil Chatterjee, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Via Care Community Health Center.

Grant funds and technical assistance resources are available for CHCs that implement the PHMI Platform. Additionally, PHMI has negotiated community benefit-specific pricing with Innovaccer to reduce costs for CHCs both during the grant funding period and beyond. PHMI expects to determine CHCs for participation in “Release 2”- the second round of PHM Platform implementation - later this year.