Preventive Care - Key Activity 18


Strengthen a Culture of Equity


This activity builds off of your practice's approach to address inequities (see Key Activity 4: Use a Systematic Approach to Address Inequities within the Population of Focus) to provide strategies and in-depth resources that can help practices create or strengthen a culture of equity in your practice. The PHMI Equity Framework and Approach emphases that achieving long-term and sustainable improvements to health and racial equity for patients and the broader ecosystem requires a transformational shift at the organizational level. The following strategies can help practices strengthen a culture of equity:

  • Demonstrate senior leadership ownership for and commitment to improving health equity.
  • Understand and address internalized, personally mediated and institutionalized racism.
    • This should include ongoing learning and development activities on the full range of health equity topics (e.g., anti-bias, structural racism, race-based algorithms).
  • Build organizational capacity to support efforts to improve health equity.
  • Establish practices and policies to promote workforce diversity and provide culturally and linguistically appropriate care.
  • Support policy efforts to eliminate inequities driven by social drivers of health.